5 Reasons Why We’re Excited About Disney’s ‘Dumbo’ Remake

This week, Walt Disney Studios will release Dumbo, the live-action retelling of their classic animated film, and time will tell if Dumbo truly soars amongst its predecessor. Recruiting visionary director Tim Burton to helm this latest project from the studio, the film has already earned positive advance reactions and promises a truly beautiful adventure filled with action and a whole lot of heart. So, as we try to contain our excitement for another landmark Disney film, we’re counting our top five reasons why we can’t wait for Dumbo to fly into theaters this Friday.


1) The Cinematography and Visuals Are Already Stunning


Should the initial trailers be an indication, the visuals for Dumbo are going to be nothing short of gorgeous. The cinematography for the film is helmed by Ben Davis, who was director-of-photography on the film as well as this months’ Captain Marvel. The look of Dumbo is meant to evoke the visual aesthetic of the multiplane camera used in the original Dumbo emphasizing color and aesthetics. Even with the darkened visual styles of the world of Burton, each frame of this new movie showcased is bursting with a gorgeous blend of color and light to serve the story and emotion.

2) Burton Presents A New Spin on an Old Tale

Like all truly good performances, hopefully, Dumbo has a few tricks up its sleeves. We’re excited to see what this new version of the story can bring to the tale, blending both the cherished original tale with an all-new memorable spin. We hope that Dumbo has learned from The Jungle Book and Cinderella how to properly retell a story while also adding creativity and innovation to its tale.

3) Dumbo Boasts an Impressive Cast

For Dumbo, Tim Burton is reuniting with two former cast members that he previously worked with, including Michael Keaton and Danny DeVito, both of which have worked with the director on the Batman trilogy. Elsewhere on the cast is Colin Farrell and Alan Arkin, bringing together a talented group of actors that we are excited to see bring their own unique talents and personalities to the film.

4) The Soundtrack is Certain to Be Fantastic

Aside from the reunition of Burton and his previous cast members, Burton is also reuniting once again with soundtrack composer Danny Elfman, who also provided the soundtrack for Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  Elfman has an impressive resume of great cinematic scores, and we just can’t wait to see how his musical talents can benefit this movie.

5) Dumbo is Another Hopeful Burton Masterpiece

Tim Burton is undoubtedly one of the most iconic and prolific directors in Hollywood. After all, he has delivered spectacular cinematic achievements including Edward Scissorhands, Batman, and The Corpse Bride, and the (less-than-stellar) Alice in Wonderland and (the stellar) Frankenweenie to Disney. With Dumbo, hopefully, Burton has another masterpiece on its hands and another great achievement to add to his already impressive library of great films. By all indication, Dumbo is already shaping up to be a promising new addition to the Disney library, and we hope it delivers as much as it can to meet our high expectations.

Dumbo will soar into theaters nationwide on March 29th. Follow our site for our thoughts later this week!

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  1. From some early reviews, it doesn’t look like this film will take with critics or someone like me.

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