5 Things That Would Make Disney’s Streaming Service Worthwhile

Several months ago, The Walt Disney Company announced that they will be pulling out of their streaming agreement with Netflix in 2018, and instead, start a streaming platform of their own, dedicated solely to Walt Disney Pictures titles, which also includes Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm films. The move is a bit baffling, considering Disney’s confidence in staying afloat in the age of too many streaming platforms, and this is sure to upset many consumers who now have to buy into multiple costly services just to watch their favorite films and television shows. For that reason, and to offer insight into those that are in the position of creating Disney’s streaming service, we’re taking a look at five things that might make Disney’s upcoming streaming service a worthwhile purchase and what we hope to see from it.

Classic and Archival Content

The Disney archives have no shortage of archival content from behind all of their legendary films. One of the biggest things that could delight us Disney fans is giving fans insight into archival content we’ve never seen before. The possibilities for Disney to explore their archival items and incredible legendary personalities are endless. Sure, it would be nice to see the latest Star Wars film on the platform, but if Disney wants to entice us hardcore fans, it’s important to look back at the legacy that built the company.

New and Original Films

Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that the streaming platform will create its own original content, including feature length films that will be exclusive to the app. It’ll take quite a lot of work to entice fans to truly purchase the platform if they could already own the films on Blu-Ray or otherwise, so it might often depend on the quality of Disney’s original films to pull in those fans. Therefore, we hope these films can carry on the Disney brand, and that it doesn’t affect Disney ‘s theatrical films too.

An Original Muppet Television Series

Disney has been struggling with The Muppets for quite some time now, unsure of what to truly do with the franchise after several false starts and certainly making several mistakes along the way. But, as Disney looks to fill their streaming platform with original content, this would make the perfect home for The Muppets to stretch their felt-legs and try ambitious new things without the restrictions of pesky network rules and run-times. This weekends’ The Muppets Take the Bowl proved that the Muppets can thrive if given the space to truly focus on what they’re good at, and should give Disney hope about putting them on the small screen, considering they put the characters in the hands of the right people. If Disney wants to add some brilliant family-fun content and use The Muppets to their full potential, this platform would make the perfect home.

Previously Un-Released Television Shows and Films

There’s so much unreleased Disney content, that it would be virtually impossible to list them all here, but for starters, Disney could include the Disney Afternoon shows, classic Walt Disney shows like Zorro, or even seasons four and five of The Muppet Show. If the streaming platform offered content one could truly not get elsewhere, this streaming option would make an instant incentive for any hardcore Disney fan.

Bonus Features and Behind the Scenes Featurettes

Disney’s Blu-Ray selection seems to either be a hit and miss at this these days, but if their new platform also offered bonus features just like their Blu-Rays do, that would make the ultimate icing on the cake, and far more superior than platforms like Netflix, which only include the actual films themselves. The options for Disney content on a Disney-specific platform are endless, so it would be a complete shame if Disney would miss out on that opportunity.

That’s going to do it for our thoughts on what would make Disney’s upcoming streaming service truly spectacular. We have high hopes for what Disney could truly accomplish with this very ambitious undertaking and hope that we won’t be disappointed.

What are some of the things you are hoping to see from the service?

3 thoughts on “5 Things That Would Make Disney’s Streaming Service Worthwhile

  1. Disney already released Zorro on DVD. Both seasons were released as the final wave of “The Walt Disney Treasures” series (in black and white). Unfortunately, they are out of print and the set numbers were smaller than previous waves. I was lucky getting both when they came out in 2009.

  2. That’s exactly what I hope Disney’s Streaming Service would be like! I hope they don’t carry over the vault system to the service, especially for their most popular animated films. I think that would be useless.

  3. Oh great suggestions. If Disney does do something along the lines of what you suggested I would be likely to buy into this service. Hope so

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