‘The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet’ is a Gorgeous Insightful Look into the Creation of ‘Ralph’ Sequel

With the arrival of another landmark Walt Disney Animation Studios release, publishing giant Chronicle Books is back with another spectacular artwork series, this time focusing on the spectacular work behind Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet. This film is unlike anything that the Walt Disney Animation Studios has ever done before, even greatly differing from its predecessor, trading in its signature nostalgia for modern relevancy and edginess. Because of that, this film came with the many challenges of designing the vast world that Ralph and Vanellope venture to within Ralph Breaks the Internet and the many differences that lie within this film and Wreck-It Ralph. Designing the computer-generated world of the internet for this film was no easy task, it’s one that was done with sheer creativity and ingenuity.

Like all of Chronicle Books’ recent releases, this book features a wonderful array of concept art from the creation of the film, and it is always endlessly fascinating to glimpse at the ideas that almost were, or how far the development of various characters or set pieces have evolved before the finished product. The book touches on many lost concepts that were taken from the film, including various gags or even entire subplots, but much of the concept art still lies within this book, showcasing the creative process behind this stunning film, that ultimately goes through so many changes before hitting the big-screen.

The artwork is accompanied with insight from the creative team behind the film, including co-directors Rich Moore and Phil Johnston. In clever fashion, author Jessica Julius, positions much of the information in the book in bite-sized social media posts, tweets, and subReddit comments. Posing her own questions in a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ format, we then get a chain of great insight from the creative team all throughout on many areas of topics from concept design, to the collaboration between artists and animators throughout the process of this film.

Accompanying the artwork showcased in the book are descriptions that are cleverly designed to mimic social media posts or tweets from many of the artists and script supervisors. These are brief, but informative, ways to share the inspiration behind some of these unique concepts that defined this movie. From characters to set pieces, everything in this film hopes to bring the vast scope of the internet to life in a deeply personal way that related to the story of Ralph and Vanellope and to the audience. This film evokes a great sense of adventure found within the innovative corners of the internet, and this book showcases the innovation that went into making Ralph Breaks the Internet a memorable sequel.

There’s a moment in Rich Moore’s explanation behind the design of the film that sums up what is at the heart of the movie: Ralph and Vanellope’s journey into the internet is to mimic the idea of two friends moving from their familiar, small town roots, into the vast world of the big city. Their friendship becomes jeopardized in the big city, as they both discover new paths that excite them, creating a sense of loneliness for Ralph. The eye-popping world of the internet continues to serve the story of Ralph Breaks the Internet, and in the vast world of this film, the personal heart that was at the core of the first film has not been forgotten.

The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet marks yet another wonderful release from Chronicle Books, who continuously deliver spectacular insightful companion pieces to Disney’s theatrical animated films. Fans of the Wreck-It Ralph franchise, or even Walt Disney Animation Studios in general, should be sure to check out this book, as well as Chronicle Book’s countless other fantastic installments.

The Art of Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available for purchase.