Celebrating 6 Years of The Mickey Mindset! 

November 18th is a prestigious day in the Disney fan community; it’s the day that Mickey Mouse debuted in his first commercially-successful short film, Steamboat Willie, the first cartoon to ever use synchronized sound. Eighty-five years later on the same day in 2013, The Mickey Mindset, an all-new Disney fansite made its splash onto the interwebs, dedicated to building a community that celebrates the rich, classic heritage of The Walt Disney Company through compelling articles and reviews.

Over the last six years, The Mickey Mindset has shared thoughts and opinions on content and events from across The Walt Disney Company, from studio releases, theme park events, books and music, streaming platforms, and beyond. In that time, Disney has grown tremendously as a company, sometimes making the work of running a Disney fan site quite tiring and difficult to keep up with at times, but through that time, we hope to never lose sight of celebrating the innovation and creativity that are the pillars of Disney. 

The Mickey Mindset is made possible by so many people who have helped build this dream into what it is, and I’m thankful for those people every single day for their contributions, their partnerships, and their support. This would also be impossible without the fans and readers of this very site (hey, that’s you!); to everyone who has come to this happy place over the last six years, thank you for making The Mickey Mindset your home for Disney articles and news. In true Disney fashion, I’d like to take a great Walt-quote and use it out-of-context for my advantage:

“I just want to leave you with this thought, that it’s just been sort of a dress rehearsal, and we’re just getting started.” -Walt Disney, 1965

Happy anniversary, and we’re excited for what the next six years will bring! We hope that this site will continue to inspire and showcase the creativity, innovation, and imagination it sought to celebrate since day one. 

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  1. Congrats. Any chance of doing fan spotlights articles again? It’s been a long time since you did post about fan art.

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