‘Cinderella’ on The Walt Disney Signature Collection Is Better Left Behind

When discussing the history of the Walt Disney Company, there are few films nearly as important as the golden classic, Cinderella. In fact, the film is such an integral part of Disney history, it single-handily saved Disney post-World War II, which had been suffering financially and placed all of its bets on its next animated film. Should Cinderella have failed, it could have meant the end of Walt’s company, but fortunately, the film thrived and earned its spot in Disney history to this day. It’s only fitting that the film should earn a spot on the newly-launched Walt Disney Signature Collection on Blu-Ray, but less fortunate is that the film’s latest release does very little to conjure up a worthwhile release for die-hard fans, and little to accompany a great Disney classic. 

Cinderella only includes two new bonus features. To be fair, the first of those two is wonderful, titled In Walt’s Words: The Envisioning of Cinderella, and is an hour and a half long, using commentary from Walt, archival footage, and interviews to tell the story of the work that brought Cinderella to life, and its place in Disney history. This feature-length bonus feature is worth a watch, and makes this Blu-Ray something worthwhile, and makes up for the lack of a full lineup of bonus features. The other feature is a forgettable one, titled Try This Trivia On For Size, hosted by the stars of Disney Channel’s show, Sydney to the Max, and is the trivia-featurette-starring-Disney Channel-stars staple of the Walt Disney Signature Collection. It’s not quite the great accompanying piece that In Walt’s Words was.

Everything else on this release consists of bonus features that were already included in previous releases. Essentially, if you purchased the film on the Diamond Edition in 2012, there is little to make another purchase entirely worthwhile. We’ve covered The Walt Disney Signature Collection with each release, and as an avid fan, I truly wish there was more in these releases that we haven’t already received elsewhere. There’s still time in The Walt Disney Signature Collection for more great releases, but like Cinderella’s time at the ball, the clock is ticking before this collection ends and its legacy is left behind entirely. 

Cinderella is forever a fantastic movie that is worth a purchase, but if you already own the film on Blu-Ray, perhaps this one is worth skipping. 

Cinderella: The Walt Disney Signature Collection is now available on Blu-Ray and Digital

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  1. And again, they need a better job with the restoration of this National Film Registry inductee. At least, try to not let the computer to completely touch up all the drawings like a rotoscope project.

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