Pixar’s ‘Coco’ is a Brilliant Film Worth Remembering

Pixar, the studio that is built on the promise of creating ambitious works of artistry proves with Coco, that even after nineteen movies to date, the studio’s originality and ambition certainly has not gone anywhere. Simply put, Pixar’s latest outing is a gorgeous masterpiece filled with compelling narratives that make it one of their grandest artistic developments yet, and emotional storytelling that is bound to pull at your heartstrings and ultimately, inspire you. Coco not only stands out because it is the only original Pixar film surrounded by a sea of sequels, but also because it is a film bursting with originality and emotion that has been unseen even from the likes of Pixar or elsewhere in cinematic history. There truly are not enough nouns to properly describe what makes this film so magnificent.

Here at The Mickey Mindset, we are extremely careful not to reveal story elements of films as to protect the experience for viewers when they see the films, which is really the best way to go into this movie. Coco is full of ingenious surprises, and possibly the biggest of all, is just how incredibly well it works. Pixar is no stranger to taking ambitious chances of course, their studio has been built on taking unlikely gambles on artsy projects, but Coco might just be their biggest gamble yet. This is because Pixar’s latest film is unchartered territory.

Coco is a beautiful film that is about celebrating family and remembrance. This beautiful emotionally heart-wrenching film is a truly stunning work of art that is one that will certainly be cherished for generations to come, and of course, one that you will certainly remember long after you’ve left the theater. What is interesting about this film is that it is full of firsts for Pixar, including the fact that it is the first time Pixar has ever relied on music as narrative for plot. Characters don’t break into song about their emotions, but music is ever-present in each scene that characters perform in. Aside from the stunning score written and composed by Michael Giacchinio, the original songs are written by Disney-lucky charm and dynamic duo, Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Robert Lopez, and Germaine Franco and Adrian Molina. The songs are beautiful, including the main song, Remember Me, which will be stuck in your head long afterward.

Certainly it wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone to say that Pixar is no stranger to dealing with complex situations and themes, but Coco really takes that idea further than it has in years. Behind the emotional core of this film are themes of the importance of family, and of course, the complexities of the characters that are both featured in the flesh and in the Land of the Dead. There’s an underlying message that even those who have left us are still with us every step of the way, and their impact is only measured by how much we choose to remember them. Fair warning: Coco is an absolute tearjerker and will probably send you on as much of an emotional roller coaster of a journey as Miguel faces in the film.

There’s been no shortage of comments about the current state of Pixar ever since Cars 2, which has seen a slew of less-than-stellar releases, with the exception of some great additions like Inside Out. If there was any doubt that originality had run out at Pixar, Coco should shatter any concerns that fans have about the brilliance that still lives on if it is given a chance to shine at the studio. It’s a beautiful emotional masterpiece that will tug at your heartstrings and inspire you, and earn its spot in the well-deserved legacy that Pixar has built their studio upon. Ultimately, Coco is a spectacular feat that is well worth remembering for many years to come.

Concept art from Disney Pixar’s Coco, in theaters November 2017.

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