‘Coco’ May Just Be Pixar’s Most Visually Stunning Film Yet

This is an exciting time to be a fan of animation, and that’s because Pixar continues to push the boundaries of technology in animation in nearly every medium. What’s most exciting about being a Pixar fan in 2017, is that this year sees the next original Pixar movie that isn’t based on a pre-existing Pixar film or series. Pixar’s quality has, for the most part, been unparalleled on every front and their sequels have been nothing short of fabulous, but nothing beats when Pixar creates completely creative new stories and frontiers, and truly sets their sights for ambition and creativity from scratch. Some of Pixar’s best movies are when they’re most ambitious, with artsy projects like Ratatouille, WALL-E, and Up, all films that thankfully have not received the sequel treatment. From a financial standpoint, Coco is a dangerous film in an era where Disney largely relies on safe-bet blockbusters, but its ambition and uncertainty that built the success that is Pixar, and that makes this release so exciting.

Another thing that we can’t wait to see aside from the story creativity of Coco, is the absolutely stunning visuals that the film’s marketing boasts and showcases. This is because Coco is bursting with color at the seams, filling each frame (that we’ve seen so far) with beauty that reflects upon the film’s themes and emotional aspects. Character designs in Coco are unique to Pixar, as well as the environments and architecture are completely new areas of expertise for Pixar, but in true fashion of the studio, there’s no limit to what Pixar can accomplish.

Ahead of the release of the film, we got a special sneak peek at the latest book release from Chronicle Books and Disney-Pixar, which is The Art of Coco, and just like what we’ve seen within the trailers, we are absolutely mesmerized by the beauty that is found within this movie. Pixar constantly impresses us with the artistry behind their films, and each films’ visual aspects beautifully reflect the stories that Disney-Pixar is looking to tell on-screen. They’ve also seen an endless amount of technological breakthroughs, whether it’s bringing inanimate objects to life, or creating entire new environments, Pixar continues to impress on every forefront.

Coco itself is a technological breakthrough for the animation team behind it, because of some of the main characters in the film: skeletons. Because every bone of a skeletons range of movements is visible throughout the film, the animators set themselves on a journey to learn about how to translate those movements into a realistic looking portrayal. They also needed to find new ways to portray skeletons, especially considering that the use of skeleton characters is so deeply rooted in Disney history, including The Skeleton Dance, one of Walt Disney’s earliest short films, or Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Coco is a technological feat as well as a visual and creative feat in its depiction of the characters within its environment.

Pixar continues to find new ways to impress its audiences, visually and emotionally, and therefore, we are truly excited for the journey that is ahead of us when Coco finally hits theaters on November 22nd. If what we’ve seen is any indication, we’re in for a truly exciting surprise ahead.