Disney Fans’ Favorite Christmas Movies

Mitchell Stein- On Tuesday, we asked fellow Disney fan readers what their favorite Disney Christmas of all time are. We got several great emails and comments sharing their favorite movies. If you haven’t sent anything yet, feel free to send an email to mickeymindset@gmail.com or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Ryan Dosier- Other than The Muppet Christmas Carol of course, I think my favorite Disney Christmas movie would have to be The Santa Clause. It’s surprising, funny and has a big heart. It’s too bad they had to go with all the dumb sequels.

John Viaes- My favorite Disney Christmas movie would have to be Mickey’s Christmas Carol. I love seeing the Charles Dickens classic being portrayed by all of my favorite characters and I love how so much of the story can be told in just half an hour. It’s not everyday Mickey Mouse and friends play a very serious role and it’s done wonderfully. 
I also like The Small One. It’s a heartwarming story that’s very underrated and in my opinion, deserves more acknowledgement. The Muppet Christmas Carol is another favorite. I also enjoy the classic Mickey/Donald/Silly Symphony animated short films, Santa’s WorkshopThe Night Before ChristmasOn IcePluto’s Christmas Tree, and Toy TinkersJiminy Cricket’s Christmas and A Disney Christmas Gift are great to watch back to back. But one that I cannot get past the holiday without is the Disney’s Sing-Along Songs volume, Very Merry Christmas Songs. A tradition of mine that’s carried on for the past 20 years.
Michael Wermuth-  My list of favorite Disney Christmas movies and specials is similar to the one that was already posted. I like The Muppet Christmas Carol (and all the other Muppet Christmas specials and movies, whether Disney produced them or not. But then again, I am a bigger fan of Muppets than Disney), and I like The Santa Clause and The Santa Clause 3, but don’t think the second one is that good (and normally I find the second movie in a trilogy to be the best). 
 But there are a few others I really like. I like Ernest Saves Christmas (which was made by Touchstone Pictures). It’s one of my top four favorite Ernest movies. And I like Winnie the Pooh and Christmas, Too!

Dallas Thompson- I really love Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas and The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Thomas (comment)- Twenty years later, I think we can all agree that The Muppet Christmas Carol is the greatest Disney Christmas to date. I love Prep & Landing too.

Sean Cosgrave- My favorite Christmas movie is Disney’s ‘A Christmas Carol’! 

Sarah Phillips- I don’t think you listed this yet, but I’ve always loved The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve never been sure if it’s supposed to be a Halloween movie or Christmas one, but it’s always felt like a bit of both. The music is so great, and everything seems so magical. 
Anonymous- There’s not that many to choose from, so I like the Muppets ones you chose, but I do not have enough love for the Prep and Landing movies. They are so great and funny and everything I love Wayne and Lenny!! 

Thanks again to everyone for sending in! Feel free to add yourself to this list by emailing mickeymindset@gmail.com or commenting below!