Disney+ Finally Gives Disney a New Platform to Experiment Innovative Ideas

Our Countdown to Disney+ series begins today, celebrating our most-anticipated projects and developments leading to the launch of Disney+ on November 12! 

When Disney+ makes its debut on November 12, 2019, the streaming wars, along with the entirety of The Walt Disney Company, will change forever. Disney+ is arguably one of the largest ventures for the company in its nearly one-hundred-year history and it marks an incredible turning point in innovation and the potential for creativity. While the platform will be a great home to thousands of Disney titles, its also has the great potential of being something far more powerful; a home for movies and television shows that otherwise would not have been produced by Disney in the first place. 

As we are often seeing in the entertainment industry, many smaller, ambitious films are being left to the wayside as most studios are quickly chasing their big-budget properties for big-screen installments. In 2019, there were zero original Disney movies released in theaters, with none of them being movies that weren’t a sequel or a remake of an already-existing Disney movie. With Disney+, that all could change. With the resources and the need to fill the content with ambitious endeavors and innovative works, Disney+ opens the door to smaller, more ambitious films that could have the potential to be box-office failures if gone through the traditional movie pipeline. In fact, Disney+ has already proven to be the home for creative material and can be perhaps the most powerful tool at the company in testing ideas and projects before making major financial investments in them. 

Disney+ will be home to several documentaries, including one on Walt Disney Imagineering

At launch, Disney+ will feature documentaries that would have had difficulty finding a home, including Leslie Iwerks’ The Imagineering Story, Marvel Hero Project and Behind the Attraction, which will take fans behind-the-scenes of the innovation and creativity that are the pillars of Disney. It also means that there is an outlet for creative works from Pixar Animation Studios and the Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS) who are giving their own artists the opportunity to develop their own short films through Pixar’s SparkShorts and Disney’s Short Circut series. Each of these is the wonderful equivalent of Pixar and WDAS hosting a ‘short film festival’, allowing artists to showcase their ideas, test new technology, and learn about the filmmaking process, without the need to invest those resources in a big-budget feature. It also allows the studio to test ideas with audiences on a small-scale, without the fear of investing in a failed idea to larger audiences. 

For several years, Walt Disney Studios struggled with creative ideas on the big screen, leading to very few live-action, non-remake successes. It would be wonderful for those ideas to make their way to the small-screen on Disney+, and for those ideas to be invested with less risk. It also provides the opportunity to entice audiences by leveraging intellectual property not valuable enough for the big screen, but with enough popularity to earn its rightful spot on the streaming platform. (Who wouldn’t want National Treasure 3 on Disney+, right?). 

Disney+ is certain to be home to a wonderful showcase of creativity and once it launches on November 12th, we only hope that it will continue to be a great showcase of the innovative spirit that is at the heart of Disney. As we eagerly await its release (and prepare our script in calling out sick from work on the day it launches…) we can’t wait to see the incredible content that is to be found on Disney+ on its launch and in its promising future. 

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  1. I’m hoping that they consider to do an informative show similar to Cartoon Network’s old “Toonheads” that would be dedicated to their animated shorts.

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