Disney and the Wildlife Conservation Network Announce New ‘Lion King’ Conservation Effort

For decades, The Walt Disney Company has been dedicated to conservation initiatives and an ongoing goal to protect and conserve the environment and all of its inhabitants. Disney’s wonderful ‘environmentality’ leads to efforts like the Disney Conservation Fund and even Disney’s production studio, Disneynature, which not only highlights areas of nature but also donates proceeds of the film(s) to other conservation efforts globally. That goal continues with the upcoming release of The Lion King, which, while not a nature documentary of any sort, still will play a big role in Disney’s protection of wildlife in Africa.

Disney has partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) through its Lion Recovery Fund (RCF) to announce the “Protect the Pride” initiative that hopes to double the lion population in Africa by 2050. According to Disney, since the release of the original Lion King, Africa has lost more than 20,000 lions. As the original film reminds us, everything is connected in the great circle of life, and if one element becomes greatly affected, so does everything that surrounds it. Disney has already donated $1.5 million to the RCF, and hopes this new initiative will help raise that goal to $3 million.

Various opportunities for fans to participate in this event include a special Kilimanjaro Safari event at Disney’s Animal Kingdom this summer and specially-marked merchandise which will donate a proceed directly to this initiative. More information is available at Disney’s official Protect the Pride website.

Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ will be released in theaters on July 18, 2019.

Young Simba (voiced by JD McCrary) and Mufasa (voiced by James Earl Jones)