Disney Movies Anywhere Rebrands as ‘Movies Anywhere’ Along with Other Studios

Tired of having all your purchased digital films scattered across your various digital streaming options and applications? Three years ago, Disney launched Disney Movies Anywhere, a streaming service that linked all of your Disney-owned titles (sans Touchstone) from your various accounts, including iTunes, Google Play, and VUDU, to one convenient general streaming service. Well, the successful app formerly known as Disney Movies Anywhere is simply titled Movies Anywhere now, and the unique thing about it now is that it isn’t just for Disney movies.

You read that right. The app, formerly known as Disney Movies Anywhere is opening its doors to studios including Sony Pictures, Warner Bros., Universal, and Twentieth Century Fox. Those who purchased films owned by those studios, in addition to the Disney titles they purchased previously, will now see all of their films in one convenient location. All you have to do is log in with the same information previously held on the Disney Movies Anywhere app, and your Disney, Disney-Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm libraries will automatically sync, as well as films owned by other studios. Disney Movies Anywhere will soon be discontinued and your library will be moved to the new streaming service.

This move is a clever one by Disney, allowing other studios to take part in this wonderfully convenient new app, and buy into Disney’s opportunity to control the shop behind the digital streaming landscape. It’s unclear how this will affect the future of Disney in streaming, but it is interesting that in building such a great solution to the frustrating problem that is having your digital movies scattered throughout your virtual accounts, Disney essentially now controls the other studios that are looking for ways to keep their consumers happy.

Another great part of this is, that like Disney Movies Anywhere, Disney is offering free movies to new sign-ups along with the other studios. New sign-ups will get a free digital copy of Sony’s Ghostbusters film, Universal’s Jason Bourne, 20th Century Fox’s Ice Age, Warner Bros’ The Lego Movie and best of all- Disney’s Big Hero 6.

Be sure to update your version of Disney Movies Anywhere, erm, Movies Anywhere, and grab some popcorn and watch this new era of digital streaming ruled by The Walt Disney Company unfold.