Disney at the 2018 Oscars: Reactions and Predictions

Another year, another award season well underway, and The Walt Disney Company is nothing short of well-represented at this year’s nominee lineup for the 90th Academy Awards. Among the big Disney-related contendors are Coco, with two nominations, Star Wars: The Last Jedi with four, and two for Beauty and the Beast. Today, we’re taking a closer look at all these nominations and predict their chances at Hollywood’s most prestigious award show.

Pixar at the Oscars, 2018:

After being almost completely shut-out at the Oscars last year, Pixar is finally back in full-swing with three Academy Award nominations. Two of those are for Coco, nominated for Best Animated Feature and Best Original Song (“Remember Me”), and one for Best Animated Short for Lou. If we were to bet, we’re certainly confident that the spectacular Coco will be taking home both of its awards, as will the brilliant Lou, fresh off Pixar’s win last year for Piper. However, it’s a bit saddening to see Cars 3 get shut-out, especially considering the films that won over it.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)
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Star Wars Dominates the Technical Categories:

Elsewhere for Disney, Star Wars: The Last Jedi is nominated for four Academy Awards, for Best Visual Effects, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, and Best Score. This phenomenal installment in the Star Wars franchise is well-deservant of these awards and more, boasting gorgeous visual work and phenomenal musical work by the legendary John Williams, in arguably in best work yet. With little competition in some of these categories, t’s very likely Star Wars will be taking home these awards, particularly in Best Original Score, but may have a run for its money in the Best Visual Effects department.  

Beauty and the Beast Back at the Oscars:

There’s something very unique about having Beauty and the Beast with any representation at the Oscars. That’s because the original animated masterpiece was the first and one of the only three animated films in history to be nominated for Best Picture when it was released in 1990. That phenomenal film swept the entire Academy by surprise and leaves its mark on pop-culture and artistry. The 2017 retelling of Beauty and the Beast is far from that, but it does represent something special that the remake of this story is back at the Oscars, but deservedly far away from the Best Picture role, this time recognized for its fantastic work in Costume Design and Production Design. Expect Beauty to win in Production Design, but will likely lose to The Darkest Hour in the Costume Design department.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Awards Collection, Vol. 2

Marvel’s most surprising and hilarious franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy, is back at the Oscars, nominated for a role in Best Visual Effects. Surprisingly, another Marvel film, Thor: Ragnarok, is absent from the category, but the award for Guardians is well-deserved as each frame is bursting with color and visual spectacle. Guardians will also go head-to-head with Star Wars for this award.

The 90th Academy Awards air Sunday March 4th, on ABC, and is hosted by Jimmy Kimmel for the second consecutive year. Let’s hope that if they misread the winner for Best Picture, let it least be for Coco this year.

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  1. Well, they won two awards for “Coco.” I should also mentioned Disney Legend Glean Keane finally won an Academy Award for “Best Animated Short” on “Dear Basketball” (which was shown on ESPN).

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