Film Review: As Dreamers Do

Mitchell Stein- Just moments ago, I finished As Dreamers Do (which is finally available for purchase online  and in-stores.) This awesome Nashville based film crew managed to put together a beautiful fitting tribute to Walt Disney, but unfortunately, copyright problems cause the writing team to go a little bit farther back in history, to the early days of Walt’s animation, and the early seeds of the Walt Disney Company. 

The film is wonderfully directed by Logan Sekulow. Mr. Sekulow does a great job at steering the story, mixing hilarious and emotional scenes scattered throughout the film. There are quite a few sequences that felt like they dragged on for far too long, but those mistakes are made up for later in the film with every perfect emotional scene. Some scenes don’t flow as well as they should, especially in the first act of the movie, but as the film progresses everything falls into place perfectly.

The movie does take some time to find it’s footing, but when it gets there, it’s delightful. Every aspect of the story is spot-on, and writer Wendy Ott really did her homework when it came to writing this film. The historical details are incredibly accurate, and the set design is so well-crafted that you would think they actually filmed the Laugh-O-Gram studio scenes inside the actual room back in 1922.

Speaking of characters, I think it would be appropriate to mention Olan Rogers who takes on the role of Walt Disney quite well. Maybe not quite as an honest portrayal as I would have hoped, but Rogers creates a charming, likeable character who the audience will love regardless of whether that’s portrays Walt’s exact persona in those early years. The supporting actors do a wondeful job of portraying their characters and help move the story along quite well, my favorite being William Haynes with his portrayal of Ub Iwerks, providing much of the film’s comedy relief.

The story ends off at a rather interesting point in Disney history, but one that really opened the doors to the impossible achievements that Walt conquered leaving a powerful message behind. I think this film is definetely worth at least one viewing by any major Disney fan.

3/5 Stars

As Dreamers Do is now available to own on DVD and Digital Copy