‘Frozen 2’ Blu-Ray: A Fine Film With a Lackluster Home Release

Frozen II is the result of a studio attempting the impossible feat of recapturing lightning in a bottle in delivering a follow-up to the Frozen phenomenon that began in 2013. With a few hiccups in its story, Frozen II is a wonderful film overall, with a story that does a great job at further developing its characters, with stellar music and an overall compelling story. Now, the latest Disney animated movie arrives on home release including Blu-Ray, DVD, and Digital HD – but likely due to the launch of Disney+ this year, the Frozen II and other Disney home releases have become lackluster in their offerings, giving only the bare minimum, making this one a skippable release as you wait for it to arrive on Disney+. 

Included on this release as the generic additions to a home release, like Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Deleted Songs, and a ‘Did You Know’ featurette. There’s not much notability in these extras, and feel more like filler in order to proclaim a list of bonus features on the back of the Blu-Ray packaging, and will likely end up as extras on Disney+ anyway. Despite this, it’s always fun to see the story progression in a film, and the imagination of the story team never fails to delight, even if its in elements that were cut from the film.  There’s also a far more interesting look at the story development in the feature The Spirits of Frozen II, which takes a dive into the mythology that inspired the film from the filmmakers’ research trips and story progression. 


Should you get the movie on Digital HD (also included in a purchase of the Blu-Ray pack), there’s a few extra notable features including a feature titled Meet the Lopezes on the songwriting husband-and-wife duo Kristen-Anderson Lopez and Bobby Lopez, who wrote the stellar songs in both Frozen films. Continuing with the musical components of the film, there’s also another feature titled Scoring a Sequel about the musical score of the film focusing on the work of composer Christophe Beck. It’s great that the release pays tribute to the talented people behind this film, even if it’s in smaller increments than it truly deserves. Rounding up the release is smaller features, like Into The Unknown Sung in 29 Languages, and music videos for Lost in the Woods by Weezer and Into the Unknown by Panic at the Disco, but all three of those were already available for free on YouTube, so it’s hard to say if that’s really worth much or just for another bonus feature listing on the Blu-Ray box. 

The release of Frozen II on Blu-Ray with few features seems to indicate that the bygone era of worthy Disney Blu-Ray releases is likely over as the company shifts to integrating everything to Disney+. Still, Frozen fans may find enjoyment in owning the follow-up to their favorite Disney classic, though it may be more worth it to await the arrival on Disney+ which may include the very same offerings found on this disc. All in all, Frozen II is a great film that is accompanied on a less compelling home release that will leave you wanting so much more. 

Frozen II is now available to purchase.