Getting to Know The Mickey Mindset

Ryan Dosier – After starting The Mickey Mindset yesterday, I started to realize that I have very little credibility for in the Disney world. Yes, I’m a big-time Muppet fan and everyone knows that, but I’m not sure how many people realize how big of a Disney fan I am. Today’s post is an attempt to remedy that by getting to know me a little bit.

1.   Aladdin was the first movie I ever saw.
It’s true! I was two years old when Aladdin was released in theaters and I guess my parents decided I was old enough to go see it. I have no real memory of this, of course, but there’s photographic evidence somewhere. But subconsciously this first movie going experience changed me, and I would be obsessed with Disney animation and Disney characters for the rest of my life. Funnily enough, Aladdin remains my favorite Disney movie and one of my favorite movies period… so something must have stuck when I was two.

2.   I’ve been to Walt Disney World at least 15 times.
I’ve been to Walt Disney World so many times that I’ve honestly lost count and can’t keep track anymore. My first trip to the Magic Kingdom happened when I was three, and my most recent trip happened this past August when I was almost 23. I’ve spent Thanksgiving and New Years Eve at the Magic Kingdom, I’ve visited Hollywood Studios after hours, and the Parks are absolutely my home away from home.

3.   I own every Disney animated feature on Blu-ray or DVD
From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Wreck-It Ralph, I own all 52 Disney features–and every Pixar film as well. It takes up a lot of shelf space, to say the least, but I really pride myself on having every single one to watch whenever I want. About once a year I like to watch them all in order and see how the Disney animation prowess evolved.

4.   I’ve visited The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank–twice.
Thanks to some very awesome people, I’ve had the incredible thrill of being on The Walt Disney Studios lot two separate times. The first was thanks to my friend Ramond Persi, story artist and voice of Gene in Wreck-It Ralph, who graciously offered to give me a tour when I was in town for the D23 Expo in 2011. The second time was for an early screening of The Muppets later in 2011. It’s an amazing place and you can practically smell the history in every corner of it.

5.   Disney means the world to me.
If you haven’t figured it out, I love Disney. I love the movies, the Parks, the people, the characters, the music, the merchandise… I can’t get enough of any of it. I’m so thrilled to be a part of the Disney fandom and to have a website to express myself on now.

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