Happy 85th Birthday Mickey Mouse!

Ryan Dosier – For a few weeks I’ve been thinking about starting a website dedicated to my love of all-things Disney. I mulled over this decision for a long time, never quite sure if it was worth dedicating the time… and then today came along. Today is the 85th birthday of the leader of the club, the big cheese, the one who started it all: Mickey Mouse. 85 years ago today, Steamboat Willie debuted. The 85th birthday of the most famous cartoon character of all time? How could I not start the site today?

As if that weren’t enough, one whole minute of the brand new, ground-breaking Mickey Mouse short Get a Horse premiered online today. Watch it below:

Get a Horse is Mickey’s first theatrical short cartoon since Runaway Brain in 1995. Since Mickey became the extremely popular character he is because of cartoon shorts, it’s so wonderful to have him back in theaters. The entirety of Get a Horse will debut in front of Frozen on November 27th.

But mostly we just want to wish our old pal Mickey a very, very happy 85th. And if we’re being technical we should wish Mickey’s best gal Minnie and his worst enemy Peg Leg Pete happy birthdays as well.

Mickey Through the Years by Fidel Santiago

The Mickey Mindset by Ryan Dosier, mickeymindset@gmail.com