Lucasfilm Announces “Strange Magic” Film for 2015

Lucasfilm has announced today that they are producing a brand-new animated film named Strange Magic, and is set to be released January 23rd 2015, which is just under four months away. This shocking bit of news was unveiled in a Disney Press Release earlier today, which states that Strange Magic is based on a script by George Lucas,  directed by Gary Rydstrom (“Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation,” “Lifted”), produced by Mark S. Miller (associate producer “Mars Attacks!”) and executive produced by George Lucas, with a screenplay by David Berenbaum (“Elf”).

Recently, many fans speculated that Strange Magic was to be the subtitle of the potential Frozen sequel. Although a Frozen short  is in the works for 2015 this title has no relation to the Frozen franchise.


This feature-length film will be released on Januarary 23rd 2015. It is quite odd that they announced this film so very close to release date and with absoloutley no promotional campaign. But, here’s to hoping it does well either way.

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