‘Mary Poppins Returns’ on Blu-Ray is a Return to Practically Perfect Home Releases

Disney’s latest feature film, Mary Poppins Returns made its grand debut on Disney Blu-Ray and Digital, breathing new life into one of the most iconic Disney films ever made, and capitalizing on a cultural legacy that is deeply rooted within the heritage of The Walt Disney Company. It’s safe to say that Mary Poppins Returns doesn’t quite recapture the magic of the classic Mary Poppins and it would be difficult to expect it to, considering the masterful formula that makes the original such a perfect masterpiece. It does, however, bring together a blend of some things that work well artistically, pulling together a visually stunning movie that is full of great production and visual expertise. Fortunately, that great work does not go unnoticed with the films’ Blu-Ray release, showcasing the amazing work that went into creating this project.

Unlike most of the recent Blu-Ray releases from Walt Disney Home Entertainment Mary Poppins Returns makes for an absolutely wonderful release. This is because the release is stuffed with fantastic extras that truly take a deep dive into the creation of this movie, and doesn’t withhold details into the process behind this film. It’s a great return to those early 2000s era releases that were packed with behind-the-scenes sequences showcasing the designs, sets, and insights from the directors that fans clamor for but generally don’t receive in the era of modern home releases.

First off, there’s a series of wonderful Documentaries, including the main one, titled ‘The Practically Perfect Making of Mary Poppins Returns’ that is an in-depth dive right into the movie with possibly everything there is discuss, from the earliest stages of the movie to the post-production (such as the animation styles used in the film and visual effects pulled off). It’s the perfect kind of documentary that would very much be the kind of thing you’d expect if it were an actual made-for-TV documentary of old, of which Disney used to experiment during the Michael Eisner era and the early years after the Disney-ABC merger. ‘Seeing Things from a Different Point of View: The Musical Numbers of Mary Poppins Returns’ is equally wonderful, showcasing the great choreography of the music of the film and the inspiration for the music. Including a large focus on the performance of the actors against a green-screen world that was eventually inhabited by cartoon characters in post-production, this is a great look behind the curtain at what makes this movie stand out in its rewarding aspects.

Perhaps one that stands out is Back to Cherry Tree Lane: Dick Van Dyke Returns, for obvious reasons. Dick Van Dyke is a Disney Legend and an important part of Disney history, and to have him return to reprise his role as Mr. Dawes Jr. is just a wonderful touch for the film. Of course, we love Dick Van Dyke and we’re thankful for his work with Disney, and to see him return to the newly recreated set of Cherry Tree Lane once again to sing a few notes of Chim Chim Cher-ee was enough to please us hardcore Disney fans. Elsewhere, there are Deleted Scenes, Deleted Songs and a Sing-Along Version rounding up this release.

Altogether, while Mary Poppins Returns isn’t quite Disney’s best, its Blu-Ray release is a return to great home entertainment, filled with fantastic bonus features and informative extras that we hope is a permanent return to great quality home releases going forward.

Mary Poppins Returns is now available to purchase online