The Mickey Mindset Celebrates Four Years!

Four years ago today, a small little site named The Mickey Mindset launched online, and since that day, the internet has never been the same. Since that day on November 18th, 2013, The Mickey Mindset has grown tremendously, proudly bringing news, reviews, and opinions from around The Walt Disney Company to thousands of Disney fans around the world.

The Mickey Mindset was born out of an idea by Ryan Dosier and Mitchell Stein, who at the time was operating The Muppet Mindset. The idea behind The Mickey Mindset was to create an outlet to provide Disney fans with an outlet for news and opinions in the same fashion that The Muppet Mindset has. On November 18th of 2013, The Mickey Mindset officially launched, coinciding with the birthday of Mickey Mouse, which is where the site derives its name from. Since then, much has changed, including the fact that Ryan left both The Mickey Mindset and The Muppet Mindset, but we still miss his presence and his influence of course, is still felt upon both sites.

The embodiment of The Mickey Mindset’s launch date is at the forefront of everything that we strive to deliver with this website. Mickey Mouse is the embodiment of Walt Disney’s determination to quality and innovation, and without those key qualities, The Walt Disney Company could not possibly be what it has become today. We hope that with this site we not only celebrate the continuing innovative spirit that Disney continues to deliver, but also bring those key qualities to make The Mickey Mindset an unparalleled experience for those Disney fans that have made it their fix for Disney news and opinions.

Of course, we could not accomplish all of this without the help of our amazing contributors and staff, including Dani Ganley, Ben Daniels, James Carroll, Davide Maugeri, and Alexandra Gonzalez. In addition, we need to thank the many fans and contributiors that send in content, feedback, and info that make this site work on a constant basis.

Four years in, and we’re only just getting started. We can’t wait to show you what the future will bring to this wonderful site, and we thank you all for making The Mickey Mindset your destination for your daily Disney fix. Here’s to another four more years!