What We’ve Been Up To, And What’s Next for The Mickey Mindset

Greetings, Disney fans! As you may have noticed, things got a bit different on The Mickey Mindset these last few months, and this site has both been slower in activity, and the site even changed a bit during that time for brief periods. Fear not: The Mickey Mindset isn’t going anywhere, in fact, we’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, but first, we’ll fill you in on where we’ve been and where we may be heading next!

Starting with where we’ve been, I’m excited to share a bit about my personal experience the last few months. In January of 2018, I joined the Cast Member family at Walt Disney World for a semester on the Disney College Program. You may have heard a lot about this very unique program by The Walt Disney Company, and it was everything I could have asked for, and more. Being a part of creating the magic at Walt Disney World was an amazing learning experience for me, that allowed me the opportunity to understand Disney in a whole new way, and learn from incredible people all around the company. Working alongside me were the most amazing people, and I think the people who become part of your Cast Member family are truly unparalleled, and couldn’t possibly be replaced in your post-Disney life.

As all good things must come to an end, my program sadly came to a conclusion in August, and I’ve been battling a very severe case of post-Disney depression ever since. When you have the opportunity to truly be immersed in the magic of Disney, leaving that and heading into “the real world” is a difficult task, but I only hope that I can return soon and be part of the magic-making team all over again someday, and I cherish the amazing experiences the program has brought.

But then, what was going on with The Mickey Mindset? Unfortunately, we’ve been hard at work restoring our site from a malicious attack that messed with the site’s code over the last few months, and our busy life schedules kept pushing us back from accomplishing that. With lots of hard work and new protective measures being put in place, we’re so thrilled to be back and continue to share everything we love about Disney with you.

Finally, where we are heading: This is an exciting time for us, as we soon celebrate five incredible years since the launch of The Mickey Mindset on that humble day of November 18th, 2013. This year’s celebrations coincide with Mickey Mouse’s 90th celebration, and we’re excited to celebrate in spectacular fashion. This is also an exciting time to be a Disney fan, with projects like Ralph Breaks the Internet, Avengers 4, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the 2019 D23 Expo all in the foreseeable future! We can’t wait to be just as excited as you are, and share these developments as they unfold, and continue to passionately share everything we love about Disney.

The Mickey Mindset continues to thrive because of the amazing readers that make up this website, and we’re thrilled to have you along to share our passion. It’s good to be back, and we only have more exciting developments to look forward to, so we hope you enjoy what we can offer with these next few years!