‘Muppet Babies’ Brilliantly Reimagines the Series for a New Generation of Muppet Fans

Your dream has come true! This year saw a reboot of the beloved nostalgic television series, Muppet Babies, based off the popular animated series that ran from 1984 to 1991. Muppet Babies was a preschool spin-off of the The Muppets, and inspired from a brief sequence in The Muppets Take Manhattan. Now Disney Junior, in conjunction with Disney Interactive Products and Consumer Media, and The Muppets Studio, have combined their talents to bring Muppet Babies to life in a brand-new way, with new technology and a new set of creativity that’s bound to make this delightful reboot stand out in preschool television.

The new Muppet Babies is helmed by a team that includes Tom Warburton, known at Disney for his work on The 7D, and Eric Shaw of Spongebob Squarepants fame as story editor, and Matt Danner as supervising director, as well as the performer of Baby Kermit. The enthusiasm for the integrity of the characters is felt in the work created by this team, and it is obvious the talented team behind this project care deeply about doing this franchise justice. Muppet Babies harnesses the purity of these characters and translates them into a medium almost unfamiliar to the property, while becoming its own entity separate from the general-family friendly Muppet brand.

But, Muppet Babies finds its roots deep within Jim Henson’s own brand of brilliant characters, but taking those basic character traits and translating that in order to deal with kid-friendly issues and situations. This unusual setting for the Muppets works well for this series, and creates a branch of the franchise that makes it accessible for younger viewers, often between the ages of 4 and 7. By doing so, Muppet Babies harvests the Muppets franchise to be enjoyed for ages across multiple generations and platforms, and in what is sure to create a whole new generation of Muppet fans who’s fandom began with this adorable new show.

Muppet Babies is also technologically impressive. Like it’s predecessor, the series doesn’t feature the characters in their traditional puppet look, but showcases the characters in animated form. Unlike its predecessor, Muppet Babies is animated in CG, utilizing fantastic technology and wonderful visuals. Translating the look of the characters from puppet form, and then again in their toddler form, is achieved brilliantly, and brings new life to these characters, who achieve new characteristics told through their animated mannerisms and capabilities.

There’s a lot of valuable content to share with young Muppet fans, or those hoping to pass this wonderful franchise to their kids. Muppet Babies re-invisions the franchise in a brand new way that’s accessible to kids in ways new to the franchise, and introduces the larger franchise and even its own goofy mythology. Muppet Babies is a spectacular reboot that’s colorful, fun, and filled with great ideas and messages that are bound to help kids of all ages become better, and use their creativity to create great things. The spirit of Jim Henson’s pure characters and their lovable antics are present in everything this series strives to be, and it carries on the legacy of the entire franchise is the most Muppetational way possible.

Muppet Babies airs regularly on Disney Junior and the DisneyNOW app.