Pixar Shares the Behind-the-Scenes Lighting Process of ‘The Incredibles 2’ in New Khan Academy Course

Here at The Mickey Mindset, we endlessly love Pixar Animation Studios, and whatever the film may be, each Pixar film is filled with stunning visual beauty that push the boundaries set by the studio before it. Regardless of the films, whether they reach the level of perfection of their previous films, are bursting with color, emotion, and endless detail. We’ve highlighted the work of Pixar animators in the past, but one of our favorite sources of learning about Pixar’s tricks and trade is through the spectacular online course created in partnership with Pixar and Khan Academy, titled Pixar in a Box. The course, offers fans, students, and educators, to take a look inside Pixar like never before, exploring various departments in the companies, and the offer to learn from talented leaders all across the studio.

This month, Pixar released another brand new course on Khan Academy, this time taking a look into the illuminating world of lighting. Of course, lighting used in an animated film is entirely different than the process of lighting a live-action film, as all lighting is created within the virtual environment that the animators create for the characters to inhabit. This course delves deep into the process of lighting the environments and the key roles that lighting can play in the film, from setting the mood to being a key part of the plot and emotion of each film.


This course and the rest of the Pixar in a Box series is an absolute must for any Pixar fan or aspiring animator. These informative lessons can be found by visiting Khan Academy, and just like that, you’re already on your way to being a Pixar animator!