‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ on Blu-Ray Includes Few Bonus Features Alongside a Wonderful Film

Walt Disney Animation Studios’ latest theatrical film, Ralph Breaks the Internet arrives on Blu-Ray combo pack today, February 26th, and while the film itself is a wonderful fun film that’s almost as good as the original, this Blu-Ray release is one of Disney’s most lackluster home releases yet. This is because there are very few bonus features to be found on this release, almost making a home media copy not worthwhile, and unless you’re a diehard Wreck-It Ralph fan, it may constitute just to wait for the film to hit Netflix or the upcoming Disney streaming service Disney+ to save the cost of the film. Despite this, just because of a severe lack of bonus features doesn’t mean there isn’t some fun to be found on this release, we’ll take a look at the positive features to be found in the Blu-Ray release of Ralph Breaks the Internet.

First off, there’s a really wonderful feature that is a little over a half-hour long titled How We Broke the Internet, which focuses on the structure of the film, from the concepts for the script, the designs of the internet, the endless internet gags, and even all about the sequence on OhMyDisney.com. This feature is a showcase of what Disney Home Entertainment frequently does do right, and should continue to do so. Features like these should be a given on home releases, because its the kind of thing that Disney fans clamor for, as we, as diehard fans are always looking for more information on the entire collaboration that goes into the creation of these films. Whether it be animation techniques, the evolution of the story, or even concepts and designs that never made it, there are so many production stories to be told, and an outlet like this allows for endless opportunities.

Another spectacular bonus feature is The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet which puts a spotlight onto the work of soundtrack composer Henry Jackman, and discusses the amazing lengths he and his team went to in creating ‘the sounds of the internet’, conceptualizing what the world of Wreck-It Ralph may sound like, whether in their video game style music, or the immersive online world. Movies are never created in a void, and it is because of so many talented people that these films are as wonderful as they are, and this feature showcases that amazing collaborative effort. There’s also a fun two-minute feature exclusively focusing on the test footage filmed by the artists of the film for reference on the Slaughter Race sequences titled Baby Drivers- Slaughter Racing School.

The other two sets of bonus features are Deleted Scenes and one feature showcasing the dozens of Easter Eggs in the film. It’s always fascinating to see Deleted Scenes to catch a glimpse of how far the film has progressed from a storytelling perspective and often appreciate the work far more knowing the number of edits and rewrites required to craft a memorable Disney film.

With that, we come to a conclusion on all the extra offerings you’ll find on the home and digital release of Ralph Breaks the Internet. This film was a delight, and a fun endeavor for Disney to take on, but as diehard Disney fans, who clamor for behind-the-scenes entertainment, we certainly wish there was more accompanying this release. As we live in the age of streaming platforms providing fans the ability to watch their favorite films, it would be a wonderful incentive for fans to purchase these films on Blu-Ray or Digital, knowing that they come packed with great features to go with them. Admittedly, Disney will have its own platform by the end of the year, but providing fans with these extra bonus content will help these films succeed in the changing world of streaming, and find long-lasting life on physical media, inspiring fans to buy these films, rather than already owning them on Disney+ by way of a subscription. Overall, Ralph’s sequel is a fun film worth rewatching, even if its Blu-Ray didn’t break home entertainment while doing so.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is now available to purchase online

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  1. Funny, I was kind of expecting a bonus short about the Felixes’ struggles of being parents. I’m sure there must’ve been some sequences of that planned but ultimately dropped from the film.

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