[REVIEW] ‘Captain Marvel’ is Out of This World

The greatest challenge facing Marvel Studios, and perhaps any superhero franchise for that matter, is keeping the audience interested when many of these movies seem to follow the same blueprint. Fortunately, Captain Marvel has found a way to break out of that formula. With its incredible visual effects to its all-star cast, Captain Marvel is a visual masterpiece from start to finish. Taking place in the 90s, it is nice to go back to a simpler time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, long before S.H.I.E.L.D. has been taken down by Hydra, half the universes population wasn’t decimated by an arrogant alien with a bejeweled glove, and the only thing to worry about was an interspecies war that has spanned generations. Captain Marvel introduces the MCU to one of its best heroes with an incredible story, an amazing cast, and the best soundtrack since Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Dating all the way back to Iron Man, and even as recently as Doctor Strange, the issue with some of the superhero franchises is that the villains and the heroes have similar powers, which can make for a predictable finale and a less-than-stellar conclusion. Captain Marvel has given every character their own set of skills and abilities that make them unique and keeps the audience surprised. Each character, whether human, Kree, or Skrull, boast their own set of skills that allows them to stand out in their own way throughout the movie. While the Skrull use their shapeshifting abilities to infiltrate from the inside, the Kree are able to use their extreme tactical skills and weapons to fight back. Unlike Iron Man, where we know the move set Tony and Obadiah can use to defeat each other, when the Kree and Skrull fight, the audience might not know who will come out on top since their tactics are inherently different, filling each action scene with tension and uncertainty. 


The cast of Captain Marvel does an excellent job of creating the amazing on-screen chemistry we have come to expect from every installment in the MCU. Captain Marvel has given us the Samuel L Jackson/Brie Larson buddy cop movie we never knew we needed, but will now be unable to live without. The way they play off each other enhances every scene of the movie and gives it the perfect balance of comic relief that the MCU is always reliable at providing. But it is the outstanding supporting cast of Jude Law, Lashana Lynch, and Ben Mendelsohn that distinguishes this film as one of the better entries in the MCU, boasting a truly wonderful cast in its entirety. 

What truly made this movie stand out was the incredible soundtrack. Every song featured in Captain Marvel seems as though it has been recorded for the sole purpose of being featured in this movie at the exact scene it came in. Blended perfectly with the action around it, not to mention the fact that every song in this soundtrack reaches a new standard that will hopefully be met in future installments.

Overall, Captain Marvel delivers everything you would expect from an incredible superhero movie and more, in addition to giving us an idea for what Thanos may be up against in Avengers: Endgame. It may have taken twenty movies to get here, but Captain Marvel provides a positive role model for all children to look up to as one of the greatest heroes the MCU has been introduced to. The outstanding cast, story, and soundtrack of Marvel’s latest cinematic feat helps it stand out among the rest of the films of the MCU and will keep us expecting Marvel Studios to go higher, further, and faster.