[Review] Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Gets a Release Worthy of Its Legacy

Finally, a Walt Disney Signature Collection release that actually lives up to its name. The latest release in the ongoing series is Walt Disney’s second feature-length masterpiece, Pinocchio, and it’s a delight of a release, filled with great bonus features and archival footage. As always, the Blu-Ray transfer of this classic film looks stunning and gorgeous and to go along with it, Disney has truly filled a release that is worth remembering for its bonus content and true to its legacy.

I think we can all agree that Pinocchio was and still remains to this day, a stunning masterpiece that is impressive to this very day, but with only one full-length film under his belt at the time, coming up with another hit would be a challenge in on itself, but Walt wanted to take the medium even further, making Pinocchio one of his most ambitious projects ever. In order to tell the story in the ways Walt would want to envision it, Walt’s team would often need to go to lengths to create technology or techniques that had not yet existed in order to create the beauty that Pinocchio beams with. Luckily, the Walt Disney Signature Collection release of Pinocchio doesn’t forget about the great work and the amazing history that went into creating this wonderful timeless film, and the Blu-Ray goes to great lengths to showcase that brilliance of the team.

The team at Disney Home Entertainment dug deep into the Walt Disney Archives to dig up some special new archival footage from the Disney Vault and they’ve certainly conjured up something delightful. Upon the new offerings of this release is Walt’s Story Meetings which are transcripts and audio recordings of Walt’s meetings with the Pinocchio story department discussing what was for a sequence named “Boobyland”, which was thankfully renamed later to ‘Pleasure Island’. Alongside that, there’s also In Walt’s Words, which includes some new archival recordings of Walt Disney discussing the creation of Pinocchio alongside some rare and previously unseen behind-the-scenes photos and videos. To cap that off, there’s also the incredibly rare and recently restored Oswald the Lucky Rabbit short titled Poor Papa which was one of the first animated projects Walt Disney worked on before Mickey Mouse. For Disney fans craving to get a look at early Walt history, this should be a delight to see. There’s also a Sing-Along Edition and The Pinocchio Project which includes new Music Video covers of the film’s music.

The other collected bonus features include the fifty-five-minute documentary, No Strings Attached: The Making of Pinocchio, an Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and a slew of additional great archival footage and information. Some of these include a Live Action Reference featurette which highlights the actors behind the animation test footage, The Sweatbox, a clever look at Disney’s creation process and through recreated sequences and his ability to enhance his team’s animation progress. There’s also Storyboard to Film Comparison, taking a look at the musical number of “Little Wooden Head” in comparison to its original storyboards. Another notable feature brought over from the last release is titled Gepettos: Then and Now which showcases the evolution of toy makers to the modern era.

While many other elements, like a selection of Deleted Scenes and an alternate ending, are present on previous releases of the film, notably the 2009 release, The Walt Disney Signature Collection release certainly adds up to a promising and worthwhile release that is true and honorable to the amazing legacy that Walt built and created in this timeless and classic tale. The Walt Disney Signature Collection continues to be a bit of a mixed bag, but the majority of the release of Pinocchio is overall a promising and honorable release, especially for those who haven’t yet picked up a previous release of this film.

Pinocchio: The Walt Disney Signature Collection is now available online and wherever Blu-Rays are sold. 


4 thoughts on “[Review] Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’ Gets a Release Worthy of Its Legacy

  1. This movie always terrified me, lol, but I stand by my thought that it is the finest work of animation ever produced. It’s not my favorite Disney film, but boy howdy is the art and movement spectacular. Still hasn’t been matched in my opinion (though plenty of features come close). It remains a testament to the work ethic and passion of the animators who crafted it!

    1. Couldn’t agree more! Even all these years later it is still one of Disney’s most phenomenal pieces from an artistic standpoint.

  2. I missed out on the Platinum Edition Blu-Ray from 2009, so I’m definitely getting this for my birthday this year.

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