‘Star Wars: Character Encyclopedia’ Showcases Characters Across the ‘Star Wars’ Galaxy

With Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker now playing in theaters, and concluding the long-running‘ Skywalker Saga’, it can be easy to forget just how vast the Star Wars universe truly is. After all, there are thousands of environments and characters who we have been introduced to, and we’ve only began to scratch the surface of the mythology that we know about this galaxy. The talented people at DK Publishing are one of those many teams who consistently track and publish books that chronicle and define the many elements that make up the Star Wars universe, and now with their latest, updated book, Star Wars Character Encyclopedia: New Edition, their ability to share the latest and most famous characters from the vast galaxy continues in great fashion. 

Jumping right into this book is the usual format of characters, which begin alphabetically and feature over 200 characters, updated to include new additions from the recent films like Rogue One, The Last Jedi, and Solo: A Star Wars Story but stops at The Mandalorian or The Rise of Skywalker (so no Babu Frik or ‘The Child’, unfortunately). As with all DK Publishing books on Star Wars or anything Disney-related, the book is wonderfully formatted to showcase fun facts and easy-to-read information about each character, often providing additional information about character backstories of obscure supporting roles. 

What’s also notable about the book is that it enjoys taking a backseat in Star Wars folklore and fan-speculation. That means we still don’t have an official canonical entry of who shot first in that famous encounter between Greedo and Han in the original Star Wars movie, as this book simply explains that “an exchange of fire was held which left Greedo falling to the table”. Guess we’ll have to wait until the New New Updated Edition to see if we can put this to a definitive rest.  

As is always a difficulty with evolving franchises like Star Wars, these books always have the need to consistently be updated and re-purchased, but despite the fact that with the release of The Rise of Skywalker or the weekly continuation of The Mandalorian these books become less updated, these still make for a fun addition to any fan’s collection, and always offer the more in-depth look for the fans craving more information about their favorite characters, locations, or spacecraft. 

As always, DK Publishing delves deep into the lore of this fantastic world of characters and with that, this book makes another great gift for the Star Wars fan in your life or a great addition to your fan collection. If anything, at least it will fulfill your much-needed Star Wars fix until season two of The Mandalorian finally arrives. 

Star Wars Character Encyclopedia New Edition is now available to purchase