‘Star Wars Made Easy’ is a Fun Introduction to the Series for Non-Fans

At this point in time, the Star Wars universe is a vast and complex universe, filled with an endless amount of rich characters and locations. Sometimes that sheer depth of mythology can get overwhelming for new fans looking to familiarize themselves with the franchise, and its tough to know where to start. Enter the latest offering from Disney and DK Publishing, titled Star Wars Made Easy. As you probably guessed from the title, this book is created with the intention of providing newcomers to the franchise and informing them of the endless amount of wonder to be found in this universe, all while keeping to the very careful brand image Disney has been upkeeping for the franchise. However, Star Wars Made Easy still feels like it was written by fans for fans, and is the perfect way to introduce new fans to Star Wars.

Perhaps it is the official version of what Cliffs Notes would look like on the Star Wars series, but this book presents in a fresh fun way that most official publications of franchises usually shy away from. Though this creates some interesting situations for Lucasfilm, as the book discusses fan controversies like the existence (and quality) of Jar Jar Binks, the prequels, and even the Special Editions. Whether its Ewoks or Who Shot First, this book addresses it. It’s interesting to see Lucasfilm getting involved in fan controversies, because it isn’t like they don’t have an opinion on it, but it shows that Disney-Lucasfilm clearly understands who their fans are.

Who shot first? This book takes a look at a legendary ‘Star Wars’ debate.

But most importantly, this book approaches the series to create an easy-to-access to the Star Wars series. Want to catch up on the movies, but unsure where to start? This book outlines where you should go and what you need to know. Were you told to ‘skip the prequels’? Catch up on the story here before moving on to the original trilogy. This book is a great place to start that is funny and entertaining no matter what your familiarity with the franchise may be.

Ultimately, the purpose of the book is to continue the journey to The Last Jedi, as this book hits shelves in anticipation for the film. Sadly, not even the changing world of Star Wars can be kept up with by this book, as the book became outdated as it still lists Colin Trevorrow as the director of Episode IX. It will be fun to see subsequent publishing of this book to keep up with constantly changing world and with new entries further down the line.

Ultimately, for those fans looking to encourage others to the franchise, this should make a great introduction and a great place to begin. Navigating the world of Star Wars for the first time could be daunting and confusing, but this book makes that process fun and entertaining, and should make for an entertaining read whether you’ve been a Star Wars fan since 1977 or 2017.

Star Wars Made Easy is available to purchase online and wherever books are sold.

Don’t know any of these characters? Maybe it’s time to catch up.