The Mickey Mindset Celebrates 5 Years!

Today, The Mickey Mindset celebrates a milestone achievement, marking an incredible five years since the launch of our website. The Mickey Mindset was born amongst some major milestone moments in Disney history, having been launched on November 18th, 2013, the eighty-fifth birthday of Mickey Mouse, and just days before the release of the smash hit, Frozen. Much has happened since the launch of the site, both on our site and for The Walt Disney Company, and we’re thrilled by the amazing growth seen throughout these years, in addition to the amazing experiences we have been able to share with you as a result.

Of course, the work we have and will continue to do on this site could not be possible without you, so thank you to all of our readers who keep making The Mickey Mindset your fix for Disney news and opinions. While much has happened in the last few months that has put a damper on the amount of content we hope to share with you at our usual rapid speed, we are thankful to share our thoughts and coverage of the many happenings in and around the company, and we promise to keep continuing in our ability to do so.

In five years, we’ve covered nearly every Disney theatrical release since our launch, theme park news and coverage, special events, interviews, and so much more. The Mickey Mindset has been a journey that has provided us with the chance to connect with the greatest fans in the world and create open discussions about anything and everything related to Disney in its best forms. As we hit our five year milestone, know that we’re only getting started, and the most exciting things are yet to come.

As we prepare for the next five years of The Mickey Mindset, we thank you for being apart of our mission and our love for The Walt Disney Company and the legacy of Walt Disney. We cant wait to share many more years of great Disney content with all of you going forward.