‘The Muppets’ May Be Coming to Disney+ in 2020: What We (May) Know About the Next ‘Muppet’ Project

Anytime that we may have reason to discuss a potential new Muppet project is always one of excitement, but as details are awfully scarce at the moment, we suggest taking this incredibly vague report with a sincere grain of salt. However, we’ve heard rumblings for quite some time of a new Muppet digital streaming series on the upcoming Disney+ platform. First, The Hollywood Reporter broke the story almost a year ago that Disney was eyeing another Muppet series for its upcoming service, but aside from that rumor resurfacing, we haven’t heard much about what the show could or could not possibly entail.

This week, online entertainment site Splash Report claims to have the answers about the next Muppet project. According to the site, the new series will be helmed by Adam Horowitz from the popular Once Upon a Time television series on ABC, and also will star Josh Gad in the lead role. Well, the lead human role, anyway. They also claim that the series will be titled, Muppets Live Another Day.

According to the same report, the series will take place sometime after the events of The Muppets Take Manhattan, so presumably in the 1980’s, and will also circulate around the (for some reason disbanded) Muppets, once again re-grouping, this time in order search for Rowlf the Dog, who has mysteriously gone missing. This is all unconfirmed and should be treated as such, but Splash Reports’ coverage seems to be indicating that this would undo The Muppets and Muppets Most Wanted, which included a story about regrouping the disbanded Muppets.

Time will tell if these rumors are true, but most importantly, we do hope a new Muppet series is on the way, and we can’t wait to see what this brilliant and hilarious cast of characters will do next!

Do you like the concept of this rumored show? What would you like to see in a new Muppet series?

2 thoughts on “‘The Muppets’ May Be Coming to Disney+ in 2020: What We (May) Know About the Next ‘Muppet’ Project

  1. Yeah, the details from that article sounds too much like it came from speculated rumor. What I would like to see is Ryan Doiser ( the co-founder of this blog and now operator of the Muppets’ official Twitter accounts) to help write for the new show. I remember reading his old fan fics on Muppet Central and followed along as his writing skills grew stronger as the years went on. He really understands the characters’ personality and “voices” very well and does it nearly as good as the late Jerry Juhl. To me, Ryan has great talents for writing for the Muppets and would love to see him branch out more on Muppet material.

  2. I would love a new Muppet TV show, but this one sounds nothing like one I’d be interested in. I think Disney is (for some reason) refusing to give the people another ‘Muppet Show’ style show, which I think is what the people want. But hey, I’ve been wrong before so who knows.

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