5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited for Disney’s Tomorrowland

Ever since Disney unveiled the first teaser trailer of Tomorrowland at New York Comic Con, it instantly blew fans away. I myself have been waiting for this film almost since it was announced, but even more so following the brilliant promotion last summer called The Optimist, which was a tie-in to the film.

Many Disney fans are unsure of what this film is and why they should care at this point. Not much is known about the film currently, which is even more of a reason to be excited for this film. Here’s some reasons why you should be getting excited for this show-stopping movie extravaganza.

The Crew:

Damon Lindelof and Brad Bird are being teamed up to write/direct the film. Damon Lindelof is well-known for the insanely incredible television series Lost. In Lost, Lindelof and his writing partner Carlton Cuse displayed what was probably some of the best story-telling of the decade. He also helped co-write the JJ Abrams film Star Trek Into Darkness, Prometheus and currently writing The Leftovers. Lindelof pretty much scores as being one of the greatest cinematic story-tellers in our time, and from what we know about the story perspective of Tomorrowland is not just something sci-fi fans should be excited for, but something that will probably make Disney fans worldwide squeal with delight.

Brad Bird should be a well-known name to Pixar fans by now. Bird not only directed two of my favorite Pixar films ever, The Incredibles and Ratatouille, but he’s also known for directing great film such as The Iron Giant and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. With Brad Bird at the helm, we should be getting pretty excited for what we’re going to witness. As usual, keep an eye out for A113 references!

The Cast: 

Have I mentioned how superb the acting cast in this movie is? The film stars George Clooney as Frank Walker, a former boy genius banned from Tomorrowland, who gets caught up with Casey Newton (Britt Robertson), a a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity. Together they embark on a mission to Tomorrowland, a place somewhere between time and space.

The other cast members include Hugh Laurie, the ever hilarious Keegan Michael Key (from Key and Peele) Kathryn Hahn, Tim McGraw and Thomas Robertson.

The Story: 


In 2013, Brad Bird revealed that the story was inspired by a unique box found in the Walt Disney Archives, labeled 1952, which was the original title for this movie. At the D23 Expo 2013, Lindelof and Bird sorted through the contents of the box to the audience, and an app was released as well, displaying all the contents of the box. How all these elements tie into the story is still unknown.

In the viral campaign, The Optimist, questions were raised which involved Walt Disney as a member of a secret society named Plus Ultra, and some ties with the 1964 World’s Fair which involved some projects the Walt Disney Company did not want revealed to the public. While Lindelof announced that Walt Disney is not a character in this film, he is mentioned as having interest in finding this place called Tomorrowland. 

Plus, there’s just so many tie-ins with classic Disney history. Multiple sequences include It’s a Small World in Disneyland, and an entire 1964 World’s Fair set in Vancouver last year. How this will all tie-into the story will be revealed in full on May 22nd 2015, but the novel Before Tomorrowland allows some insight on that.

Michael Giacchino will be Composing the Score

For those of you unfamiliar with Giacchinio’s work, he is known for composing some of the greatest soundtracks of all-time, including a few personal favorites of mine, including Lost, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Up, Star Trek, Super 8 and several others, which won him several Grammys and a couple of Oscars.

It’s Disney’s Introduction to Sci-Fi

Besides a few exceptions, Disney hasn’t really broken into Science-Fiction quite yet. With Tomorrowland, Disney is finally embarking into sci-fi, and I couldn’t be more excited with this awesome ensemble at the helm and blending all of my favorite things all together, this should be a pretty epic ride.


All three trailers for Tomorrowland are now available online, and they are all insanely epic, without giving any of the story away. This one you’ll just have to see for yourself.


May 22nd just can’t seem to get here fast enough!